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matt swan

Montana Outfitter License #26324

Matt Swan started guiding in Montana and Yellowstone National Park in 2000, after coming from Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River and The Fly Shop in Redding, Ca. Matt's professionalism and experience ensures that his guests are catching fish, learning a lot, and having a great time in Montana and the Greater Yellowstone area. Matt is a Federations of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, making him a good choice for beginning anglers and experienced hands alike.  

Eric ‘Vern’ Strader

  • Eric has been guiding in the area for 10 years. His passion is teaching people how to fly fish and watch them catch their first fish on a fly! He landed here on the intent to come to fly fishing guide school and head back to Missouri to guide but ended up staying in Montana. Over the years in southwestern Montana he has grown as a fly fisherman and has realized that you can never stop learning and growing. Eric’s goal everyday is to teach someone something new and pass on my passion and love for the outdoors.